Pink Color Eyebrow Threading Kiosk Brow Bar Station with 2 stations

eyebrow threading stationOpening an eyebrow threading kiosk in the mall is a profitable idea. Eyebrow threading kiosk includes eyebrow threading service station, sofa, seating sofa, water wink, etc. Today, here is a nice eyebrow threading kiosk in pink color to introduce you.

 Pink eyebrow threading kiosk

This eyebrow threading kiosk size is 4m by 2m, includes 2 eyebrow working stations, a cashier counter with a storage cabinet. While another side has a long storage cabinet in the middle area. Next to it is a seating sofa. A big logo stands at the entrance to show the brand logo and posters. The TV screen can also add here for attract more clients.

Brand logo, posters can also attach to the wall facing the public. Therefore, people know your business well and enter into the shop to do eyebrow beauty.

eyebrow kiosk

Materials information

We use MDF to build the eyebrow threading kiosk body. The surface material is high glossy baking paint. If you need a display cabinet, we will also add a glass showcase to place items. Two working station has a mirror with light bubble surrounded it to provide light. Stainless steel protects the kicking from hurt and makes the kiosk to use for a long time.

There are many materials to choose from. We will use suitable material to meet different requirements. And makes the eyebrow kiosk match the shop theme. For example, using plywood to make the wood body and use laminate to surface treatment. Solid wood, veneer are good materials to make a beauty salon kiosk. Marble stone mainly uses to build the kiosk table, which is strong to use and high level the eyebrow threading kiosk. If you want to view more eyebrow threading kiosks, just contact us and get more information.

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