Red color modern style sunglass kiosk eyewear glass display cabinet

The sunglasses we know and love today are available in all shapes and sizes. Protecting your eyes from the sun‘s UV radiation is just as important as protecting your skin, whether you‘re mowing the lawn, going for a bike ride, or playing a sport outside.

Today we want to introduce a red color modern style sunglass kiosk eyewear glass display cabinet to you. Hope you can get some design ideas from here. Let us take a look together.



This sunglass kiosk with the arc-shaped display showcase design. On the middle is a small mini cashier counter. The display cabinet is tempered glass with a wooden body. We will install the led strip light on the top of the glass display shelf and on the stainless steel toe kick.

On the sunglass kiosk design, we can put the poster and logo as you like. The top of the glass display showcase is for the display area and the bottom is for the storage area.



For the material of the sunglass kiosk, we can use MDF with baking paint. The color you can choose as you like.

And the glass we usually 8mm tempered glass, the thickness you can choose 8mm, 10mm or 12mm. The light we use the led strip light, and we will install all the wires, sockets, and hardware.



A whole sunglass kiosk we will divide into a few parts. The wire we install on the bottom of each part of the sunglass kiosk. And each part of the sunglass kiosk has a male and female connector.

When you receive the sunglass kiosk, just need to connect the male and female connector to your local power supply then it will work.

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