With the increasing number of people who are nearsighted, the demand for glasses is increasing. And more and more people like to wear sunglasses, it has become a fashion accessory. So now more and more people are opening optical shops and doing glasses business. If you also want to start a glasses business, if you have insufficient funds, you can try to open a glasses kiosk first. At this time, you need to find a designer to help you design your glasses cabinet. It not only has to be very beautiful, but also very practical.

glasses display kiosk

Today I want to share you a nice eyewear display kisok we just designed for an UK client. See this sunglasses display kiosk, this kiosk used bright yellow color matched bright white color, added little purple color pop up display shelves. Its front, left and right side all are display cabinets, inside have many display shelves with led light to display glasses. They all comes with glass sliding doors, you can close all display area at night, it is very safe. There has a 3D Logo sign on both left and right side of the entrance, the back side also has a logo sign. There also installed several mirrors, you can try the glasses there. The inside has a L shape work counter with many drawers and cabinets for storage. The back wall also has a logo with round circles for decoration. It is very attractive and functional.

eyewear disply booth

Detailed info about this glasses display kiosk

sunglasses display booth

  1. Size: 6m by 2.5m
  2. Color: bright yellow, white color and little purple color
  3. Accessories included: mirror with led light, white led light strip, 3d illuminated logos, light boxes
  4. Materials used in this kiosk: fire-proof MDF wood with yellow, white and purple paint finish
  5. Glass: 8mm tempered glass
  6. Mirror: high quality sliver mirror
  7. Wood floor with stainless steel frames

glasses display cabinet

If you also want to customize a glasses display kiosk and want more details, just feel free to contact us!

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