Red-brown color perfume showcase mall kiosk ship to Sweden

Good morning, everyone! Glad to meet you here. I guess you are looking for an unique perfume showcase, right? Before starting business in the shopping mall, it’s very important to purchase perfume kiosks based on your own requirements. As the display showcase can not only show your products, but also reflect your brand culture. Moreover, a good mall kiosk can also attracts people and increase your sales. So when you are planning to start your own business in the shopping mall, please don’t forget to customized perfume showcase.

Now, let’s move on and see more details about this perfume kiosk design.

At first, the basic color is red-brown with golden light on the bottom. Second, this whole kiosk is consists of many small display counters, so you can replace them to different shapes. And the single display showcase has wood stand with glass showcase, it likes the letter ‘I’.  It is better to display different kind of perfumes. Third, there is a high stand on the display counter with brand logo, so customers can figure you out soon. And behind the high stand, customers can pay cash here. Finally, you can restore more perfumes in the kiosk. Do you like this perfume kiosk design?

perfume showcase

More information

The whole kiosk should according to your own requirements, such as size, color, layout, etc. Before starting the design, you should make sure that what decoration should be your own perfume kiosk. It must be match your brand logo color and confirm the style. It’s better to decoration according to customer group. If the customer likes your store display design, they will choose you whenever they need perfume and will bring their friends to buy.

If you need more information, please let us know. We can even give you a new design based on your ideas. Because we have an excellent design team to finish this job. And we have 10 years’ experience in kiosk fields, now we have many customers all over the world. And our main market is America, Canada, Australia, France, etc. Whenever you want to start, please feel free to contact us. Thank you for reading.

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