Nowadays, skin health is topics we often discuss. more and more people pay attention to their facial skin care.  When you walked into the street or shopping center. you will notice there have many special shops for skin care and makeup. it’s a very popular business in 2019.

Today I want to share is a very popular and high-end cosmetic kiosk design for your meet. if you’re interested to start your cosmetic shop business, it’s necessary to follow me to see more details below.

Detail introduce about this cosmetic kiosk.

  • Size: 5000X5000mm.
  • Color:  black.
  • Material: MDF, stainless steel.
  • Accessories: Spotlight, lightbox. mirror.
  • Usage:  shopping center, cosmetic shop.
  • Price: $12000 ( 100% customize and high quality)

cosmetic kiosk

We can see the whole cosmetic kiosk mainly tone is black, match a little stainless steel frame. at the four sides is some short display showcase, with skin care display counter, glass display shelves, and wooden display shelves.

In the middle are a pillar and roof. on the top is acrylic logo and decoration spotlight. the pillar outside is some decoration wall and lightbox. looks very nice. at the bottom is some wooden cabinet for storage. there also have two makeup stand inside. with mirror and beauty lamp. the client can makeup here. do you like the whole kiosk layout?


The unique kiosk is a direct manufacturer in China, we mainly work on the design and customize different types of mall retail kiosk and display showcase for more than ten years, if you’re interested to build a cosmetic kiosk like this one, or related information. please feel free to contact us, thank you!

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