Snacks have a certain status in every home as a preparation. Many entrepreneurs have a strong interest in joining snack shops. So the question most people care about is how much does it cost to open a snack shop? How much does it cost to decoration a food shop? How much is the profit? Hope this article can answer for you.

How much does it cost to join a snack shop?

Since the investment cost of the snack shop is mainly related to the storefront, for the time being, the rent factor is not considered, and the investment of the snack shop is roughly analyzed from the size of the storefront. The investment cost of a 20-square-meter snack franchise store is generally around US$50,000; the investment cost of a 40-square-meter snack franchise store is around US$90,000, and the rent varies from place to place. If your funds are limited, it is recommended that you start from a mall kiosk 5000-12000 US dollars or outdoor kiosk 1-3 million. Can save you a lot of costs

What is the profit of a snack franchise?

The profit of the snack franchise refers to the difference between the selling price of the product and the purchase price of the product; as different brands give different costs to the franchisees, the profit of the snack franchise is also different. So you need to find a good franchise brand, it is very important to guarantee the quality and profit.

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What factors affect the profit of snack franchise stores?

There are many factors that affect the snack food franchise store, such as the store entry rate, which represents your store and service quality, customer unit price, customer traffic, and number of members. The reasons for purchase cost and investment cost will affect your profit. At the same time, under unreasonable operation, it is easy to increase costs, thereby reducing profits

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