Realistic Bread Kiosk bake Trade Display Showcase For Sale

Every trader has to make trade display,one purpose is to promot their new product,another is let many customer know their item and company brand well.    So it is important for businessman to do a trade display in mall.  But the most important thing or the first thing for a trade mall is to find a suitable kiosk for show. Let’s see the bread kiosk together.


bread kiosk

This photo is a show door. We design a arched shape,and like a bread shape.  A big logo on the top,people will notice it quickly,we also can see the wheat poster so as to client could see the ture material you make bread. This kiosk is usually used to the place of export.  That can have a more ture and vivid display effect.


bread kiosk

For the interior kiosk design,we design a very ture bread shape.  It makes people have feeling as if they are in wheat field.  As for the design,each kiosk has four layer to put item.  You can put different taste bread and different type bread on it. For example,Whole Wheat Toast,sliced toast,etc.  The material is plywood and laminate, acrylic,stickers.

bread kiosk


First,we are a customize kiosk and shop furniture factory with more than 10 years experience. We have made many cases for different country customers.  To find out more,welcome to visit our website  Second,we have our professional design team,can help you the new 3D design as your requirements.  After confirming the design,we will make a construction drawing for you.  Let you check everything is good.  Finally,we have safe and unique production process and attractive price,strict quality control.  You can always believe our product quality. Last but not least,we company cooperate with many famous brand and have good reputation. So welcome to sent inquiry if you want to start a trade show.



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