Pink Garden Style Cup Cake Cart Cute Cake Cabinet for Retail Sale

Everyone likes sweet food,especially cake. When you are celebrate anniversary or brithday,even in the party. But if you want eat a cake,you can not eat a big one. So cup cake becomes more and more popular on the market.  At the same time cake shop also become more and more.  How to run a cake shop in a low cost?  How to stand out in the competitive market ?

cup cake cart

May be you can find idea from this cup cart. It is small and it is a pink graden shap,giving people a sunny mood. I was suck in this cute cuo cake cart. Let us learn about it more details!

cup cake cart

The detail discription of  this cup cake cart

The counter body is made of plywood.The layered partition on both sides,you can put some cakes for dislay sale. The cart has some display cabinets for puting cake,has a multi tier shelving. The front counter body is made in the shape of a cake,looks so different and beautiful. We can see the round brand logo and sticker for geometry. It is looks unique. Moreover, we make four wheels to decorate the cart,with the same style color.

cup cake cart

 How to order and manufacture the dreamy cup cake cart

If you have interest to this cart and want to have a small cake stand,please contact us. We are a customize kiosk and store furniture factory.  So we need to design according to your floor plan,charge design fee befer design. The specific design fee depends on your shop size. But the design fee will refunded the cost of the products when you place an order. After we receive the design fee,our designer will make a 3D design for you as your requirements. And it will take 3-5 working day. After confirming the design we will make a construction drawing for you. Finally,we will start production according to the construction drawing.


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