Pretty Candy Kiosk Design Gelato Food Stall With Seating Area In Mall

Among the many foods popular with children, candy should be the top one. When the child is well-realized, we can buy some candy as a reward for the child, they will love it very much.

Another favorite food for children is ice cream. Ice cream should be enjoyed by both children and adults. Especially in summer, it would be very happy to have a gelato after shopping. Many studies have shown that sweets can make people happy, which is not unreasonable.

So if you want to start the catering industry, selling sweets and gelato is a good choice. Of course, in the early stage of starting a business, you need to do all the preparations. Please welcome to our company website to have some ideas to start the candy and gelato food business.

So let’s get to the topic. How to start the candy and gelato kiosk business?

For the food business, it is not the same easy as you think. But… if you find our company, we will help to make it easy. The first step you need to do is to get a kiosk location in the shopping mall. And after you get the location, please let us know the size of the kiosk location.

Then our designer will make a new food kiosk design customize for you. For the kiosk design, we will charge 300USD design deposit, but actually, it is for free. Because the design deposit will deduce from the total cost when you order a kiosk.

After we confirm the final 3D design, we will move forward to production. Meanwhile, we will send the production pictures to you for confirmation.

The description of this lovely candy kiosk design:

The size is about 4x2m, this kiosk can use to sell the gelato and candy. One side is for gelato, the front counter is the ice cream machine. It can hold many flavors of ice cream. And this side has a wall with the logo on it. Another side is some candy display shelves to display the candy. Inside of the candy kiosk has an ice cream machine, drink refrigerator, water sink and a cashier counter. Around the kiosk has a white acrylic strip that will let the kiosk look more beautiful and unique.

The package of the candy kiosk:

We will send the production pictures and videos to you during the production of the candy kiosk. After we finish the production of the candy shopping mall retail kiosk, and if you check everything good, we will start to the package of the candy food kiosk. We will start to pack the candy kiosk. The package of the candy kiosk is foam inside and wooden box outside. This candy kiosk we will divide into a few parts.


The installation of the candy kiosk:

We will install the whole candy kiosk in our factory. It is means we will install all the wires and sockets for you. After you receive the candy kiosk, please open all the wooden package of the candy kiosk. Then put the separate parts together into a whole kiosk. Finally, please connect the male and female connector to the mall power supply then the candy kiosk will going on.


The shipping of the candy kiosk:

After we receive the 50% balance we will arrange the shipping for you. We can offer the shipping service ship to the destination port. We usually ship by sea. But if you need the kiosk very urgent, we can also ship the candy kiosk by air, but it will more expensive. Or we can ship the candy kiosk to your door to door address is also ok.

Please feel free to contact us at email, thank you.


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