Colorful Sweet Stand Candy display Kiosk In Mall Food Showcase

If you are looking for a candy display kiosk. You are right to come here. Our company is located in Longgang District, Shenzhen province, China. We have rich experience in customizing display furniture. And we have made many kinds of display furniture. Such as food kiosks, cosmetic kiosks, jewelry kiosks, outdoor display carts and so on. They are all customized to meet customer needs. And we have a professional design team and skilled workers. If you want to customize exclusive display kiosk or shop, you can contact us here. We can offer you professional answer and proposal. Today I will share a colorful sweet stand  with you. I hope it can help you.

The Colorful And Cute Candy Display Kiosk Description

From the title, we can know that this candy display kiosk is very gorgeous and popular. Of course, it is true. This is candy display kiosk is loved by people. Now let us know more about this candy display kiosk. Firstly, we are easy to see the candy kiosk there are several colorful candy decorations with logo box. And it has several hydrogen balloons with cute cartoons. They are very vivid and attractive.

Second, let’s take a look at the display area of this candy kiosk. It displays all our candies through trapezoidal layers. This is one of the very common ways to display candy kiosk. The shelf displays the candy boxes that can be enlarged, so that we can sell a little more variety. For the smaller side, we can use some glass laminates, which can put some snacks or toys. The other side is our cash register, we can put our computer here, and customers can also check out here. Since the cash register has no display area, its entire cabinet is solid. So we can put our logo on the outside of the cash register.

candy shop

Stand color matching

Our kiosk white occupies a large area. At the bottom of the kiosk are some colorful adhesive papers. They can be used as decorations for our kiosk, and they can also add some color to our kiosk without looking too gorgeous.

We can see that its laminates come in many colors, and children are more interested in colored things. Except for the wood grain at the bottom is a laminate, the other colors are all baking paint. Our baking paint is a common surface treatment process. We can choose any color. Of course, the color is not suitable for too many, we can choose some similar. The color of our laminate can be matched with the color of the bottom sticker.

candy kiosk

Colorful Sweet Stand Material

From this sweet stand design, the only materials we can use are MDF and baking paint. We can see that its display layer has some curved shapes, and this type of laminate cannot be pasted. We can only use baking paint for large area spraying. In this way, our colors can be evenly distributed to every area without a black line. In addition to wood materials, our other material is 8mm tempered glass. Generally, if the mall does not require it, our kiosk uses MDF and baking varnish. After we finish the design, we will send you the design drawings and construction drawings to the mall for review. If the mall has requirements for materials, we can modify them.

Stand Assemble

This stand we devide into about 5 cabinets, we pack every cabinet in a wooden box. When you receive the goods, you can put the separate cabinets together according to the design drawings. There are male and female connectors at the bottom of each of our cabinets, you need to connect them together, and then connect our main wire to the power supply of the mall. You can work. Our main wire is usually placed in the cabinet of the cash register. If you receive the goods, you can ask me. Or we can take a video for you when we install the stand in the factory.

Time details

Design: First design about 2 working days when we receive the design fee. (300USD)

Production: ABout 28 working days when we confirm the design and the construction drawings.

Transportation: It depends on your port.


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