Popular T-shirt printing kiosk design for clothes shop used

T-shirt printing is a very popular service all around the world. it mainly for printing different kinds of images on the T-shirt . Of course, it’s a chosen project to start a mall retail business. many businessmen start his T-shirt printing kiosk.

Today I want to share one of the popular 3D T-shirt printing kiosks, T-shirt printing is very popular, the means DIY t-shirt images, can customize the different images on the T-shirt. below is one T-shirt kiosk for your meet.  

T-shirt kioskBasic information about this T-shirt kiosk:

  • Size: 3m by 3m or what the size you need.
  • Color: white and black or what the color you need.
  • Material: MDF with high glossy baking paint, tempered glass, stainless steel, acrylic logo, LED light, spot light and others.
  • Design: 3d max and CAD drawings.
  • Delivery: About 22-25 workdays.

The introduction of this T-shirt printing kiosk:

As you can see, this T-shirt kiosk the mainly tone is white and black. It’s very modern and simple. mainly material is MDF, the surface is white and black glossy baking painting finished, wooden display showcase, stainless steel skirting with led light, surface with t-shirt images for clients choose . all of anything about this kiosk can be customized for you.  

T-shirt printing kiosk

How can I customize a T-shirt printing kiosk like this one?  

First: You need to have your own ideas for whole shop style and service, make sure there are sufficient development market and consumer group.

Second: Rent a store or a lease in the shopping mall, but need sure the location environment, Bustling with enough people flow. If you have your own storefront, then you can decide all the details on your own.

On the contrary, if it is used in the shopping mall, it must meet the criteria of the shopping mall, ( usually mall criteria mainly for material, height, and electrical wire safety. If your design team enough professional and experience, it’s Easy to approve.)

Third: You need to find a direct supplier make a 3d design and drawings. Our company as a direct supplier, before designing we will confirm the shop layout,

style, color match, material request, etc .We also can give you some professional advice. Then we will start design and put all of your ideas on it. We will confirmed the design and start making drawings. ( you can see all details here, with each part size material and surface finished details, will according to the drawing production).

The last: Install the whole shop and start operating, you can hire several people to help you if the shop enough big.  

What we can do fo you?

We are a professional company. And we have 11 years experience in this field. In the past, we have made many T-shirt printing kiosks before, and we shipped many kiosks to many other countries. We have a big nice team. It include a serives team and a professional design team. The salesman will follow up your product process. In order to let you know you know your product process. They will send the videos and pictures about your product process everyday. Besides, our all product price are factory prices and direct prices. We will let you use the lower price get the high quality kiosk and best serives. All in all, we will try our best to let you feel satisfied.

Thanks for your time and reading. I hope this article can help you if you want to know more information or are interested in building a mall retail kiosk like this one, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time, we will serve you wholeheartedly, your satisfaction is our biggest pursuit. Thank you!


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