Phone accessories have a big market in the world. Nearly everyone uses smartphones as it makes our lives more convenient and colorful. It’s a good idea to sell smartphones, phone accessories, and provide phone repair services. If you plan to start the smartphone business in the mall center, a unique phone accessories cabinet may suits you better. Here I want to share a customized phone accessories showcase with you. It can also decoration follow on your own ideas. Let’s view it more together.

Phone Accessories Showcase Description

Size: 10x12ft    Basic material: Plywood    Surface finish: Laminate

Design drawings are the best way to help us confirm all designs. We can see that this kiosk is composed of many independent showcases. They are all double-sided displays, and the content can display our accessories. So its display space is very large. In addition to showcases, this kiosk also designed some other cabinets, such as cash registers or work tables. Generally, the mobile phone accessories business is accompanied by the repair of mobile phones. This can also expand our business. So the workbench is very important.

In addition to the showcase, we also need to add some decorations appropriately. For example, a logo or a lightbox painting. The lightbox painting is a poster. The content of the poster can be a picture of our service or product.

All of our showcases are displayed on an inclined surface, and each layer has a baffle, so our products will not fall when placed on it. We have installed light strips on the top of each showcase, and our display area is very bright.

Phone Accessories Showcase Material

The material of this kiosk uses plywood and laminate. This material is very common and very safe and beautiful. Its work is cumbersome and it takes a long time. The color is optional. According to customer requirements, we use white and blue for this kiosk. If you have a favorite color, you can tell us. We can design it according to your requirements.

Our glass uses 8mm tempered glass, and the skirting is stainless steel. There is a storage drawer under each showcase. We will install hardware accessories. If you have a logo, we will make it and put it on the kiosk. The material used for our logo is acrylic. We can do luminous or non-luminous.

We will also provide lightboxes, but you need to provide lightbox pictures.

Phone Accessories Showcase Production Picture

After we confirm all the details with the customer and pass the review of the mall, we will start production. We have our own factory. After we submit the drawings to the factory, our production time is about 28 working days. We will install all the accessories and test the circuit, and we will send you kiosk photos before packing. After getting your confirmation, we will pack and arrange transportation.


How to get a customized kiosk?

  1. Customized products need to be designed. If you like this mobile phone cabinet but need to change a certain point, we also need to redesign and send it to the mall for review. You can tell me what kiosk size you need and your requirements. Also send me your logo, if you have your favorite kiosk picture, we can design a similar style. If you don’t have an idea, our design team will help us.
  2. When finish the design, you can check. It allows modification, if you have any comments, you can tell me. We will help you to get the mall approval.
  3. Start production. When we confirming the design, we can start production. Our production time is about 28 working days.
  4. Arrange transportation. We can arrange the shipping to your country no matter where you are. The shipping time depends on your country.


Our kiosk design fee is 300USD, when we place an order, it will be returned to you. Design time is 2-3 working days.

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