Phone accessories has a big market in the world. Nearly every one use smart phones as it makes our lives more convenient and colorful. It’s a good idea to sell smart phones, phone accessories and provide phone repair services. If you plan to start smart phone business in the mall center, a unique phone accessories cabinet may suits you better. Here I want to share a customized mobile phone kiosk with you. It can also decoration follow on your own ideas. Let’s view more together.

Introduction about the phone accessories showcase

As we can seen in the picture, there are full of glass display showcase to put phone covers and phone accessories. The size is about 4m by 3m, the main color is blue and white with blue and pink floor light. It has a big ceiling to put illuminate logo, so that clients can know your business from far away. The front counter is stairs display stand for phone covers and the back counter with locked door for storage. That can help you make full use of the space. These high phone accessories display cabinets stand in the corner. Do you like this phone accessories booth?

The main material is MDF with blue baking baking surface. Other materials includes tempered glass, light strip, stainless steel, etc. We should choose the most suitable material to build the kiosk and assmbly well in our factory. The phone accessories kiosk also including wires, and it will take photos and videos to show you the details. When you receive the goods, you can use it directly.

Phone accessories in real life

phone accessory booth cell phone stand phone cover cabinet display showcase

If you have any new ideas to decoration the kiosk, we can help you add to the phone accessories showcase. There is an excellent design team in our factory to make new designs for you. When you need further information, please feel free to contact us. I am glad to share more with you. Thank you

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