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Everyone wants to have a delicate face. Including men. A delicate face can often leave a good impression on others, especially on important occasions. So people will shape their perfect self through makeup. If you plan to open a new makeup shop, we suggest to make effect drawing of the whole shop design so that you can confirm the details better. Sometimes it is difficult for us to express it in words, and all the details and requirements can fully show in the design. So it is very important to do 3d design of the store.


From this top view, we can see the layout and display of the entire store, and the space layout is very reasonable. The main colors are black and white, which are very fashionable and high-end. The display furniture will also be designed into multiple shapes due to different locations, which can also become the shop feature.

Put high display stands on the walls both sides, and install light box paintings above the stands to better show your products and services. The function of the display stand is to display more products, so there is not much decoration. When customers enter the store, customers can choose products according to their needs.


Size: 80sqm or customzied it as you need.

Color: back and whit, ect.

Material: MDF and baking paint.

Other material: Hardware,Stainless steel, light box painting, LOGO,ect.

Design time:3-7 work days

Production time: 20-28 work days.depening on the shop furnituru quantity.

We are a custom factory and have design team. We support custom display furniture of any shape and color, which are based on your needs. We can see from the picture that each cabinet is unique. Install the light box poster on the side,and add decoration on the cabinet front. All display stands and cabinets are made of stainless steel skirting, which can protect it from friction.

The customer contacted us on the website and he said he liked one of our designs. Our design team created a new design based on the store floor plan, favorite style and other requirements, and made some modifications during this period. Do you like this store layout? We can also create a new 3D design according to your requirements, reach your size and add logo to ensure that your design is perfect and unique.


Before production, we need to make design drawings. We produce completely according to the design and construction drawings, so it is necessary to do 3D design. Please tell us all your requirements and send the floor plan so that we will know the exact size of each corner about the store.

We will send the design to you for confirmation within 3-7 working days. It includes all display furniture, logos, lights, etc., so when you check the design needs to be modified, you can tell me and we will help you modify it to ensure that the design is perfect. When you confirm the final design, we will also make construction drawings let you check that everything is ok. Then we make a detailed quotation and send it to you. After we discuss all the terms and you agree, you need to pay a 50% deposit and we arrange production.

Regarding the price, it is based on the store size, material, style and quantity of furniture. We have our own factory and will provide you with good prices. If you want to know please tell us your requirements. Thank you!

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