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cosmetic store furniture

The cosmetic shop is very popular in the recent years. Because the cosmetic shop is a good place to provide cosmetic service and express company culture the clients. Here is a nice cosmetic store design sharing with  you.

Description of cosmetic store

The main tone of cosmetic store is pink, looks creative and lovely. You can also make the cosmetic shop looks better. There are wall decoration to matches the shop theme. And unique ceiling light to increase the brightness.

Layout information

The cosmetic shop includes wall cabinets, working table in the middle, there is a large and colorful mirror attach to the wall. We can arrange the furniture in the suitable area for conveneint use.

perfume store displayWall cabinets

We can see there are wall cabinets set at the back wall. They are in different height and sizes. Each cabinets looks like indivudual cases, and it has display shelvings to place products. Clients can purchase easily and.

Work table

We can see there are wood display table in the center, it uses as working area. Clients can consultant from employees and can also accepetable cosmetic expreience. It has wooden base. You can also use stickers to decorate it and get good effect.

Wall mounted cabinets

Wall moutned cabinets are important in the cosmetic shop. It can not only use to place small items, but also makes the wall looks better. You can also add floating for better display.

3D design of cosmetic shop

It’s a good idea to make a 3D design before start business. It can help you determine a good shop effect. If you want to adjust somewhere, it’s easy to compelte in a 3D design. No matter when you need cosmetic shops, the new design drawing new design drawing. When we are going to make.

cosmetic counter cosmetic store furniture cosmetic cabinets

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