Plywood and marble mall bakery kiosk

Today, the client asked me to recommend some bakery kiosk designs for him selection. It should modern and high-end.  Also, the kiosk without so many colors and add seating area around the display showcase.

In my opinion, it is suitable for his requirements. Looks modern and very high-end. All the countertop is marble instead of man-made stone. Marble is better than man-made stone in the food kiosk. What do you think above design? It looks very nice, isn’t it?

It only a side as sales area. It towards to main pedestrian area. On the back of display area is the working area. Of course, bakery kiosk can’t just sell bread. It also sells bubble tea, coffee, juice and so on. In order to save more space, we put a working station in the middle of round cabinet. Next to entrance door is cash register.

Meanwhile, there is a bar with chairs for customers sitting and chatting with friends. Also, why it looks high-end: on the one hand, the basic material is plywood with wood grain laminate on the surface. It makes kiosk more beautiful. On the other hand, all the countertop is marble, marble is high-quality material in the furniture industry. If you want to get a very very nice kiosk, it is no problem. We could design a new one for you. We design it based on customer’s budget and ideas. Some customers would like to spend more costs on the furniture to get a good kiosk, however, some clients prefer to get common kiosks. Both are ok for us, Shenzhen Unique furniture company is a customized furniture factory, we design and produce each furniture to meet our customer’s requirements…………..

If you are interested in customize furniture, please feel free to contact us. We provide all the services: design, produce, shipment, install……………………..


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