Nice look bakery kiosk design with cupcake display counter for sale

bakery kiosk

Bakery kiosk is easily found in the shopping center and street, many people earn money by opening a bakery kiosk. Each bakery kiosk has a unique decoration, so we have to come up with new ideas to make it more attractive. Here I wanna share a very nice look bakery kiosk design with chairs. It will help your business a lot, let’s view more details together.

Nice bakery kiosk design

As you see the whole kiosk is very modern and exquisite. The main tone is white, blue, and wood grain color. It can be located in a mall for selling different types of bakery, cake, and beverages. This bakery kiosk covers an area of 15ft by 10ft, allowing 3-4 people to work together.

The front part of the kiosk is a sales area, there have a bakery display fridge and cashier counter. And the “L” shape stand column on the right corner. The surface is solid wood strip decoration which is used to put logo, menu, and product images. Besides, the backsides also have one to match it, install TV and logo on it. Next to it was a row of the wooden counter. besides, a microwave oven and three under-counter refrigerators.

On the left is a width counter. This is the middle baffle, which divides the entire counter into two parts. It is mainly used for cleaning and washing hands internally. We installed three sinks here, while outside is a rest area. Which is a long bar with six bar chairs, provides customers with a very comfortable dining environment.

Basic information

  • Size: 10X15ft.
  • Material: plywood, solid wood, fireproof plate.
  • Color: white, brown, blue, wood grain.
  • Service, bakery, cupcake. beverages etc.
  • Accessories: Poster, acrylic logo, TV.
  • Usage: shopping mall or own store.

Plywood usually makes the cupcake kiosk body and counter. It has good water resistance and stable chemical properties. You can also upgrade to fire-resistant flame retardant plywood to meet the mall rules. The surface decoration is natural wood strips, which is a very environmentally friendly and durable facing material. Recently, wood veneers are widely used in major shopping malls. However, if you want to get approval as soon as possible, we recommend using the wood color that matches your pancake kiosk.

bakery kiosk

How to get the cupcake kiosk?

Firstly, tell the designer of your requirements. Everything related to the kiosk allows adding to the kiosk design. Such as layout, color, material, style, etc.

Secondly, pay a design fee for a new model. As for a mall, kiosk needs 300usd, it will use as a production deposit when producing it. 

Thirdly, make the pancake kiosk design based on your needs. The first drawing will send to you within 3 days. Please leave enough time to check the design and get mall approval.

Fourthly, confirm the final design. It’s the unique cupcake kiosk you need, then we can make a quotation and produce it.

Fifthly, make a construction drawing and build it. The production process needs 22-25 working days. And will take photos to show you how it looks like in real life.

How to installation the food kiosk?

It kiosk is easy to install. Before delivery, the kiosk is completed finish in our factory. We will put them together and turn on the light to make sure the circuit is working. When the kiosk has a water system, we will also test it. Then each counter is packaging with wood boxes for long-distance delivery. And you can easily find counter numbers outside the box. So just put them together and connect the main switch to the power supply, you can use it.

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