Similar like a entertainment kiosk in mall . A photo kiosk is also a popular business threads.

1. Visual effects:

Modern photo kiosk design, based on the commonness of visual behavior, should attract many principles of plane composition, three-dimensional composition and color composition, and form relatively complete design principles and principles in the practice of photo kiosk design.

Therefore, in addition to studying the basic principles of general space design, the visual physiological and psychological process is the basic premise of photo kiosk design. Therefore, the design of photo kiosk should make the customers look comfortable and natural to the greatest extent.

2. Lighting of photo kiosk

The lighting design of the photo kiosk first comes from the top light source. Fluorescent lamp illumination is often used inside the photo kiosk to improve the overall brightness.

In addition, the front and left corner of the counter are mostly equipped with cold light spotlights and LED lamps as supplementary light sources to improve the stereoscopic sense of the product.

In particular, the jewelry photo kiosk reflects the unique edge and corner texture of diamonds through the irradiation of corner spotlights or LED lights, thus stimulating customers’desire to buy. The main light source is the spotlight, and the island cabinet is illuminated by the lamp belt to improve the regional lighting effect.

3. The color of photo kiosk:

photo retail kiosk color design is concise, if the color changes too much, it is easy to cause consumer visual fatigue, but can not achieve the key prominent effect.

Using standard and approximate colors in enterprise logo can solve the above problems very simply. The color design of the logo has strong accuracy and conciseness.

In terms of accuracy, the choice of colour is the most stringent and rigorous of all artistic forms. It must conform to the nature of enterprise products, what kind of products have what characteristics, and what kind of colour must be used to embody it.

In terms of simplicity, another principle of color selection for photo kiosks is simplicity, which generally does not exceed three colors, just like people with clothes. Harmonious colors make people active, clear, relaxed and happy; disharmonious colors, on the contrary, make people feel negative, depressed, heavy and tired.

4: Subsidiary materials:

photo kiosk making accessory materials, in fact, is also some of the decoration of the photo kiosk, such as carving, spray painting and so on.

Can not be too fancy design, should be combined with the overall image of the shop to design, so that spray painting, carving and other ancillary materials play a decorative effect.

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