This is a very unique mall kiosk design for sale .

Because mall kiosk location and lease are base on the corridor length and with ,So sometimes you can give a big rectangular size .Sometimes you will get a square size ,This mall kiosk design is specially for those kiosk where the size is long and narrow.

Many people do not like this kind of locations , because long and narrow place are hard to design and display product.However this retail stall design will refresh you options on this types of places.

Dimensions of this kiosk is 5*2.5 meter

The price for this kiosk is only 8800USD

By looking from the top you can clearly find out that this is a long and narrow design.  if you use standard design to use this place  if very hard and looks not so good. This  concept will give you a totally new ideas on narrow place.

if you need a roof or canopy on top the kiosk , Our design concept will also satisfy you . This frosted glass  top make the kiosk design more elegant and unique.


If you have a unusual space need to build in a mall kiosk for retail business. You can come to Unique Kiosk and find the best kiosk design ideas. we have skilled designer and professional worker and can make you a unique and high quality retail display counter and shop display furniture.

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