Today share a nice Mall used round retail kiosk design for jewelry and luxury products display showcase.

Many customer is asking me if there any design in round shape or organic shape with model look. Now here comes .

This round retail kiosk design can use in many different usages. You can used to display cell phone,jewelry,watch or other luxury products. Due to the round top roof design, you can also used this kiosk in  big indoor market center ,The roof can prevent the sunshine go through the building ceiling.

With the wooden and metal material applied in the kiosk . The whole kiosk looks modern and stylish . Wooden kiosk in mall are always welcome for any types of business.

3D max design for round retail kiosk

See from the bottom of the round shape interactive display kiosk . You will see there a lot of spot light installed on a aluminium plate. This plate is hold by strong welded stainless steel bar. With the big rod in the middle of the kiosk to hold the weigh. The kiosk structure is strong and safe.

This kiosk can used in shopping mall,airport, train station or luxury resort. Since the kiosk is large and heavy .Better used as a permanent kiosk not portable kiosk.

Bottom part counter are build with brushed stainless steel surface with wood veneer finish. If you want a custom color or size. Come to Unique Kiosk ,We will provide the right solution for you.

This round display counter has a difficult part is the curved glass. As we all know,Glass is not easy to bend need special technology. This is also a reason that makes the cost of round kiosk price high. Another reason for the price cost is the material used on it .

Here ‘s detailed view from bottom to top.  The entire round roof is hold up by the  complicated metal frames. As you can see this is a quite difficult project .So the cost and price of retail kiosk is also high. However Unique Kiosk  based in China, We have cheaper material and labor cost . As a result  the kiosk price is quite acceptable.

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