With the popularity of mobile phones, more and more people use mobile phone accessories. So the sales of mobile phone accessories are also very high. To do a good job in the sales of mobile phone accessories, not only good eloquence, but also good kiosk to display products. Only a good kiosk can attract customers’ attention.

Phone Kiosk for Sale

The whole kiosk is made into MDF as a main material and the surface we use baking paint as a main material. The kiosk include the light box, logo, and light strip and etc. For the display stand, it include the groove display, glass display, shelves display and table display. You can see the kiosk that have different styles like the color, the material and etc.


The three sides of the kiosk are glass displays, and there is an aluminum trough plate display in the corner. These displays can make the whole kiosk more structured and more practical. You can see that the design of kiosk is white and wood grain color the same. This kind of kiosk is very popular with the public because its entire structure is very design. The counter-top can display the mobile phones. The material of the counter-top is MDF and veneer. A light box is also installed on the cabinet, allowing customers to better understand their products.


There are two kinds of materials for kiosk for mobile phones, one is plywood and the other is mdf. If plywood is used as the substrate, the surface is laminate. If mdf is used as the substrate, the surface is baking varnish. The material of our design is based on MDF. Its surface material is orange and white paint. We use veneer as decoration in some places.

Production Process

The production consists of 4 steps. Before we start making mobile kiosk, we need to confirm the 3D design and construction drawings. We will make exactly in accordance with the construction drawings. The first thing we have to do is the wooden box, which is the first step in making kiosk. This wooden box is assembled from some wooden boards. The size of these boards must match the size of the construction drawings. In this step, we will reserve suitable locations for light boxes, logos, sockets, etc.

After the wooden cabinet body, we need to polish the wooden box to make the surface smoother. This will make the finished product smoother and more attractive. The next step is to make the paint. The paint will make the whole pavilion more elegant and beautiful. This step includes 4 primers and 2 baking finishes. After making the paint, you need to stand for 24 hours. When the paint is dry, you can proceed to the next step.
After the paint finishes, the panel can be attached. In order to make the veneer better fit the kiosk, we will make a layer of varnish on the surface.
The last step is to install the logo, light box, light strip, glass, drawers, sockets and doors. 


The time of the entire project needs to consider design time, production time, and delivery time. The design time is 3-5 working days. In generally, our customers will consider the modification time and shopping mall review time. They will set aside one to two weeks for design. The production time for mobile kiosk is 22-25 working days. As for the shipping time, it depends on which port is closer to you. You can tell me which port is close to you and we can check it.

We are custom manufacture, and can customize the phone kiosk for you. You just tell me which style do you want? what size do you want? We can design new one for you according to your needs like the size, color, layout and etc.

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