High-end perfume bar design perfume kiosk ideas shares with you

When mention perfume brand, you may be will say Dior,Chanel, Gucci, Lancome etc. Yeah,these are some world famous brands, perfume as a luxury consumer good is greated welcomed by ladies and some business men. It make ladies more elegant and charming, for men sometimes show status.

Perfume is great welcomed, one reason is because the nice fragrance,it can help cover unwanted body odor,make you small good. Another reason is it can enhance your mood,add your confidence.

High profit and big makert attract many people choosed do perfume business.

If you also want this business,here some perfume bar design ideas hope can help you:

perfume bar design

This perfume kiosk used black match gold color,add the unique perfume bottle shape model, whole kiosk looks very high-end and nice. This kiosk mainly sell perfume,so you can see around whole kiosk are showcases.

perfume bar design

See this perfume kiosk design,because logo frist letter is “Y”, so this kiosk do a ”Y” shape display,this way customer can easy find them and make whole kiosk more attractive.

perfume bar designperfume bar design

this perfume kiosk is an Europe style design, all used dark coffee color,with many small showcases.

perfume bar design perfume bar design

This perfume bar design is also very elegant and special,outside is mental frames decorations.

inside comes with a chatting table, customer can sit with stuff for what they need.

perfume bar design

Do you like these ideas?

Come here,our web have many more models:

You can check if there has one you or like,if no also don’t worries,we can help you create a creative perfume bar you want!


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