Perfume kiosk open in all over the world:

In the global perfume consumer market, the European market is currently one of the largest perfume consumer markets in the world. The data shows that the European perfume market has been relatively stable in the past five years. All around 6.3 billion euros.

From the perspective of market size, the size of the perfume market in France, Germany, and Italy are not much different. But the perfume market in France, Germany, and Italy have its own characteristics. In fact, as far as Europe is concerned, the perfume market in each country has its own specific style. For example, the British are particularly fond of high-end brands. While France produces a variety of high-end brands of perfume. In Poland and Italy, perfume is also a commodity for men. And Germans are particularly keen on private brands of perfume.

High-end and elegant perfume kiosk in the mall:

Please look at this perfume kiosk design, very simple and elegant design. Material: MDF with baking paint. Other: tempered glass, stainless steel, acrylic luminous logo, and so on.


perfume kiosk in mall


How to start your perfume kiosk business in the shopping mall?

  • 1. You should rent a kiosk location from the mall. To get the floor plan and send to us.
  • 2. Please feel free to contact us of your ideas about the design or any questions.
  • 3. You pay the 300 USD design deposit, then we can start the 3 D design drawing.
  • 4. Please check the design and let us know if anything needs to change.
  • 5. We revise the design until you are satisfied with it and get approval from the mall.
  • 6. Pay 50% deposit before the production, the factory started to make the perfume kiosk.
  • 7. The perfume kiosk finished. Pay 50% balance before the shipping.
  • 8. We will offer you the shipping service and after-sales service.


If you have any questions please feel free to contact us on Email:



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