Perfect Line Retail Salon Station Wooden Mall Hairdressing Kiosk

Are you looking for a shopping mall haircutting kiosk or barbershop stations? Here is a nice design for you.

Why do we suggest opening a hairdressing kiosk?

Nowadays more and more people are paying attention to their hair, like hair color, curly hair, straight hair…

In this way, during holidays the hairdresser was full of people. That’s the business opportunity. So when we go shopping in the street or in the shopping mall, you will see many different hairdressing shops.

Basically, every girl has to perm and dye her hair once a year, and shampooing and nursing are commonplace. The barber shop has good service, good technology and reasonable price, so it can make money naturally. How much does it cost to open a barbershop now? How much does it cost?

Shenzhen Unique Factory has mainly produced different retail store or mall hairdressing display furniture. Today we would like to talk about more details of the mall hairdressing kiosk.

Below this mall hairdressing kiosk design is one of our USA customers. He started this business many years ago.

And he has a big team of around 11 teams remembers and also set many-branched already in different cities. which also set his own brand – Perfect Line, have you ever heard of this hair salon brand in USA?

The description of the hairdressing kiosk design:

This hairdressing kiosk design size is 5*3 meters. And the main material is MDF with high gloss baking paint. From this hair salon station design as you can see on the above 3d design there is 2 low display cabinet to show his electric hair clips. In the middle of the kiosk, there is a main 4 hair salon styling station with a middle cashier area.

And there is a very outstanding stainless steel logo on both sides. It will let the customer to easy remember his shop name. Besides under the kiosk, there are so many spaces for storage. On the right of the kiosk which has 2 wall cabinet, there is enough space to show his other products and storage space. It is really a very functional and practical hair salon kiosk, do you think so?

How to start the hair salon kiosk business?

If you are planning to set up your own hair business or built your hairdressing kiosk or hair salon shop furniture. You have to find a location first. This location must be located in a good place. Then you can get back to us the size of the location. For the kiosk 3d design we will charge a 300USD design deposit. But it will deduct from the total cost when you order the hair salon hairdressing mall kiosk. The logo and color we can customize as your own logo and your favorite color.

We will discuss with you the design of the hairdressing kiosk. Please feel free to tell us your requirements for the hair salon station. We will get back to our design team then they will design the hair salon kiosk according to what you want. The 3d design is the first step and the most important step of the whole process. So this step needs time and we will try our best to finish it exactly what you want.

After we finalize the final 3d design of the hairdressing mall kiosk. We can make the construction drawing of the hairdressing kiosk for you if you need it. And you can send it to the shopping mall management for approval. After we get the final approval from the shopping mall we can start the production. Thank you very much. Please contact us at email




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