Hello, everyone, Chrismas is coming. Are you been busy these days? Today I want to introduce an Outdoor fast food kiosk sandwich retail booth 3D design counter for sale.

As the pace of life continues to accelerate. Fast food is now more common in our lives, more convenient and more diverse. Among them, the urban floating population, working-class office workers. And business people are the main consumers of fast food. With this huge population and the more mature the takeaway market. Now per capita, fast food consumption in China will grow strongly and the market potential is huge. To successfully run a fast food restaurant, the flow of people is the key. But the choice of location is also a top priority. So where does a fast food restaurant fit? I’d like to share with you a very good finishing outdoor food kiosk.

Please see the below 3D design drawing of the Outdoor fast food kiosk sandwich retail booth 3D design counter for sale:

Where does a fast food outdoor kiosk fit?

Convenient place.

Deciding whether an outdoor fast food kiosk is alive or not, whether transportation is convenient or not is also one of the key factors. After selecting the approximate area, the next step is to carefully examine the traffic situation in the area for analysis.

Where the floating population is large.

Mainly facing customers who have flowed in the past, relying on a relatively large passenger flow to support sales, you must choose a prominent location and enter and exit a convenient store.

Grocery market, residential area, school, industrial area commercial street.

How can we start the 3D design for the outdoor fast food kiosk?

First, if you get the location in the shopping mall, please let me know the size.

Second, we suggest to start the 3d design first. For the 3d design, we will charge 300 USD design deposit. But it will deduce from the total cost. This is a small part of the amount.

Third, we will send the 3d design drawing to you within 3-5 working days after we receive the design deposit.

Then we can change the design for you if you want any changes.

Also we will make the detailed technical drawings for you after you confirm the final design.

Please pay 50% deposit and then we will start the production.

We will send the production photos to you time to time.

Finally, 50% balance before shipping and then we will ship it out.


Contact us:

Contact person: Amy Chen
Email: sales20@uniquekiosk.com
Whatsapp: 0086 18823466142
Wechat ID: ShenzhenUnique

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