With the progress of The Times and the development of economy, more and more people pay more attention to the quality of life and Healthy diet. you can see The food industry is developing very fast. Its variety is various, demand is big. it including bubble tea, juice, coffee, chocolate, crepe, ice cream, fast food snack and more.

Crepe Kiosk

In this article, the one what I wanna share is a very nice look Crepe kiosk for your meet. 

Crepe kiosk

Kiosk Layout

We can see the whole kiosk mainly tone is pink, white and brown, it mainly for selling crepe, roll and some dessert. When you see the whole kiosk from the front part, you can see here is a ” U”  shape bar counter. It mainly for topping display area. Here have two stainless steel container box area with glass cover. The surface is pink color backboard with some white decoration strip. Inside hidden white led light strip. It looks very nice. 

At the back sides is a row wooden counter, with stainless steel sink and cabinet. It can put some juice machine, coffee machine, oven on the counter top. The top is a brown color roof with pink color logo and acrylic letter display. It is very attractive.

Production Process:

The kiosk is made into MDF, the surface we use the baking paint as a material.  We will do the wooden cabinet firstly. During the time, we will reserve the light strip place, logo,and sockets place. Then we will polish the surface, and start to do the baking paint. After these, we will install the logo, sockets, light strip and so on.

Basic information about this crepe kiosk: 

  •       Size:5000X3000mm.
  •       Color:  white, pink and brown color glossy baking paint finished. 
  •       Material:  MDF, Corian countertop.
  •       Service: crepe, rolls, dessert and more.
  •      Accessories: led light strip, acrylic logo.
  •      Usage: shopping mall or food store.

What Materials we will use on the mall food kiosk build?


MDF+baking painting finished. the surface is very smooth and glossy. Looks very high end, Highly malleable and can be used to construct specially-shaped counters. We will use it to build the cosmetic kiosk, phone kiosk, salon kiosk, and etc. If you want to do the food kiosk, we suggest that you can choose plywood as a material.




Plywood as a basic material and the fireproof plate as the surface finished. It will have options for the wood grain color, High hardness, high water resistance.

In general, we will use the material to build the food kiosk. Some people like wooden styles, we will do it according your favorite. Especially Australia, they prefer to choosing the wooden color as the surface treatment.

Corian: Usually will be used as a counter top, High hardness, not easy to scratch, easy to clean. We usually use it for the food kiosk. 

Stainless steel: stainless steel can as the whole counter based material, Can also serve as a mesa. Durable, healthy and easy to clean.


The delivery time will include the design time, production time and shipping time. The 3d design will take 3-5 working days at least. Production time will take 22-25 working days. For the shipping time, different country has the shipping time. You can send me which port is near to you. We will check the time for you.

In general, we suggest that we need to reserve 2-3 months to prepare the project will be better.

Thanks for your time and reading, If you’re interested to start your own mall food kiosk or more related information about this crepe kiosk, you can contact us. If you want to customize the kiosk or shop furniture, we also can do it for you. 

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