Nice Design Modern Display Water Purifier Kiosk in the Mall

water purifier kioskOpening a retail kiosk in the mall is a very profitable idea. No matter what your business is, a customized mall kiosk can help you. Today, I want to share a nice water purifier display kiosk here.

Introduction of purifier kiosk

This water purifier kiosk size is 2.5m by 3m, looks more like an exhibition booth in the shopping mall. Because it has fewer display counters than other mall retail kiosks. The main color is black with orange decoration, which makes people notice you and can also express your brand theme and products to clients.

water purifier display

Front display counters

There are 3 display counters in the front area. Each counter shows 2 water purifier equipment. The counter body is in black color, the top is orange color. The side of the counter body has an advertising poster to show products, that people can know your business when passing by.

Consultant tables

This water purifier kiosk has 2 consultant tables in total. We can add drawers under one side of each table, that can place documents, files, instructions and company brochure. People can sit down and learn more about water purifiers and even sign contracts here.


mall retail kiosk


We can see there is a simple ceiling at the top. There is a lightbox painting logo on 4 sides, which is an orange frame that matches the mall kiosk theme. White background can better show your brand name to the public.

Tile or wood floor are good choices. Orange flooring lighting increases a high-tech feeling and makes people think you are professional. That can also gain more customers.

If you have any requirements about retail kiosk design, just contact us. I am sure you can get wonderful mall kiosks and good services from us. Looking for your inquiry.

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