Luxury and Attractive Socks Kiosk in the Mall

socks kioskAre you looking for socks kiosk to start business? Today, I want to share a nice mall kiosk, you can use it to sell socks, scarves, ties and gloves, etc. It’s customize design and can highlight your brand imagine. No matter how unique the kiosk you want, this socks kiosk can help you well.

Information of socks kiosk

Color: The main color of socks kiosk is white and wooden color. We add metal frame for decoration. That can high level the shop theme.

Size: 4m by 2m, we can make it fit your location.

Material: We use MDF to make the socks kiosk body, surface treatment is baking paint and veneer in white color. Tempered glass display cabinet with shelving is good to show the products. 3D luminous brand logo attach to the wall to give people deep impression. You can also add artificial stone on the top, that looks good and good to use.

Flooring: Wooden flooring in gray color. Silver licking with LED lighting attracts eyes.

socks booth

socks cabinetLayout description

This socks kiosk includes two L shape counters. We can see the front side has a tall brand stand near the entrance. Cashier register set here for checking bills. Near it is display cabinet, we can show products on the counter top.

There is a curved corner counter. It has glass display to show models with hot sale socks. We can also add a wood display boxes on the counter table. Lighting lamp attach under the countertop to makes your shop looks better.

Individual display cabinet place at the entrance. Mainly use to increase display showcase area. You can also hang items here to increase slaes. If you need a wonderful socks kiosk, just purchase unique kiosk from UNIQUE DISPLAY.

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