Hello friend, nice to meet you here. Glad to know that you are interested in this phone booth. Opening a mobile phone kiosk in the mall center is a good choice for entrepreneurs. If you are one of them to begin with a mall kiosk, you are in the right place. Here are many unique and beautiful mobile phone kiosks in our factory, they are follow on our customers’ idea. When build your own kiosk, we should add your idea to the kiosk. Now, I want to introduce a nice mobile kiosk to you.

Description about phone booth

  1. Size: 3m×2m
  2. Color: White, yellow and black
  3. Function: Display showcase mobile phones and phone accessories, store items
  4. Material show: MDF
  5. Surface material: Baking paint
  6. Kicking: Stainless steel
  7. Other materials: Tempered glass, light strip, acrylic, etc.

This phone booth make full use of the sapce. The 3m side has 3-layer display showcase on the bottom while glass counter on the top. So customers can easy access to the phones and phone covers. On the two corners are curved slot wall cabinets with hooks to hange phone accessories. Reception counter set in the moddile with logo and poster to let people know you better. While  the other side, are stand cabinet with glass showcase to place more goods. All the cabinets should have locked doors, so it can locked well at night.

Real photos show

From the picture, we can view every part clearly. When add your new idea to the drawing, it need about 2-3 business to finish the first drawing. If you want to modify somewhere, we can do it in time. All the work need 300 usd-600 usd deposit, which depends on the mall kiosk size you need. The money can refund to you when order. Besides, production follow on the confirmed design, you can get the right kiosk you like.

If you want to view more designs, please feel free to contact us. Thank you

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