New Invention Mall Food Booth Brown Finish Pancake Kiosk for Sale

pancake kiosk

Pancake kiosk is seen everywhere in the shopping mall, street, and even in the park. You can sell pancakes, crepe, waffles, and other kinds of food. Clients can also buy coffee from you. Today, I want to share a nice pancake kiosk with you.

Pancake kiosk design

The pancake kiosk is in brown color, looks very upscale and luxurious. It has a display counter, dining table, storage cabinet, roof, and brand logo. Material includes MDF, plywood, metal, stainless steel, 3D acrylic logo, lighting, etc. We can also use the same material to build the kiosk.

bread kioskIntroduction of pancake kiosk

The front side has a cashier counter and coffee machine on the table. Clients can order and pick up pancakes here. Both left and the right side have a table with bar chairs, clients can sit down here and eat pancakes. The lower level is the workbench, we can prepare food and toppings here.

While the backside has crepe machines and other kinds of machines. Ther is a glass plate at the top, which uses to separate clients from the working area. Under the corner, the table is locked cabinets.

breakfast kioskThere is a big roof with metal tube support at 4 corners. Brand logo and slogan hang here to let people know your business from different directions. We can also see in the left corner, it has a large pancake model on the roof, which is vividly express your food to clients.

Information show

This package kiosk has a black drop shape decoration. It increase a sense of designing. You can also change the color to meet your shop theme. If you have any new ideas, we can also add to the pancake kiosk and makes it unique.

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