Curved Indoor Cake Display Cabinet Cupcake Retail Bar Counter

Cake is one of people’s favorite snacks. People like to have a delicious little cake with refreshing coffee during tea time. Cozy and satisfying. Nowadays, the fast-paced lifestyle has not only made cakes become desserts after meals. It also makes it one of the staple foods of people. Able to solve one’s own three meals on the way to work. Especially in the spare time. People go out to hang out, they will also regard it as the first choice for solving hunger. If you don’t want to be restricted by the geographical location of your shop, the kiosk I introduced today will be a good choice for you.


Structure And Composition

This is an indoor cake kiosk with roof and back wall. A large bar is convenient for receiving customers. You can also use it as an area for making coffee drinks. After placing a few high stools, customers can rest here while waiting for a meal. Two three-layer transparent cake display cabinets are set up on both sides of the Cake kiosk. Let your cakes be fully dispalyed. You can also place a refrigerator next to it for your convenience. You can also set the cashier area on the bar counter. If  you want to use the bar, we can also customize this one for you according to your needs and requirements. Of course, since the indoor kiosk has a roof and a back wall, the cost may be higher. If your budget is not so much,we can also customize it for you within your budget. 

Material Introduction

We mainly use plywood and MDF panels to make this indoor display cabinet for you. The top and back walls are made of MDF. Because they have strong bearing capacity and are easy to be molded into various shapes, they are often used in furniture manufacturing. We used artificial marble to decorate the countertop. Make it look beautiful and easy to clean. The whole display cabinet adopts the process of baking varnish. The surface of the display cabinet we made looks like piano paint, so there are 5 steps. This will take some time. In addition, we will also use tempered glass and other materials for decoration. If you need us to help you order an acrylic box displaying cakes, we are happy to help you.


Our production is carried out according to the design. The stickers, logos, and lightbox pictures in the design drawings are all provided by the customer. We will print them out and install them on the kisok. There are many colors of them, and there will be a certain deviation between the actual picture and the design drawing, so before starting to buy the tiles, we will send you a picture of your choice. The color of the kiosk is the same. Its surface treatment is baking varnish, and the main color is dark yellow. Dark yellow is also divided into many kinds, so we also need to choose the color before baking. If you have some large machines, you need to tell us the size. We will design a suitable location inside and install the socket. They can all be run by the machine.


UNIQUE is a professional design and manufacture kinds of kiosk factory. We have more than 16 years experience to make the kisok. We can according to your any needs and reuqirements to redesign the kiosk for you. You only tell us about your needs. Your design drawing will be finished by more than 3 designers. And we located in shenzhen, China. The transportation is convenient for your country.

If you want to know more details about it, please contact us!

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