New Invention Jewelry Kiosk Modern Jewelry Showcase for Sale

jewerly shop counter

The jewelry shop is everywhere in the shopping mall and street. Before opening a jewelry shop, we can arrange all the counters and cabinets in a suitable location, which can help you start your business well and also show products in a suitable location. Today, I want to share a nice jewelry kiosk with you.

Jewelry kiosk design

We can see in the design, that this jewelry kiosk is fit for a shopping mall shop. It has around shop front, that allows more clients to enter the shop. The whole shop decorates with glass walls so that clients can view interior products. Jewelry kiosks mainly use solid wood to build the counter body. We can also add lights to increase brightness.

jewelry cabinetLayout information

As we can see there are two different styles of jewelry display showcases. The first style has a wood body with front brand signage, and the front has a brand logo. While there is a white acrylic with light in the middle to highlight the items. While another style is an individual display stand with multiple layers. Each layer has a light lamp to better show jewelry. It’s also a good idea to set a high glass display showcase in front of the sales window.

jewelry shop furniture

Lighting decoration

Light is very important for a jewelry shop because it can increase a luxury effect and better show the products. We can add ceiling light, spotlight, and even light lamps to the jewelry shop.

Don’t forget to leave space for the brand signage area, it can also fully allow you to show your brand concept and new products to customers. Posters and TV players can also attach to the wall for advertising.

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