New Design Jewelry Cart Luxury Jewelry Stand for Sale

jewelry cart

The jewelry display stand is helpful for business. It’s good to show boutiques and jewelry for business. As it is easy to operate because it needs small location and can move to differnet locations when needed. If you plan to start your first business, this jewelry kiosk can help you well.

Description of jewelry cart

As we can see in the design, this jewelry cart size is 2m by 0.8m. The main tone is pink and light green, which looks vivid.

jewelry standLayout information

The front area has 6 glass cabinets to cabinets, you can place jewelry here for sale. Clients can also see them directly. While two sides have display shelving with lights, clients can also purchase goods from sides.

The back area has cabinets and drawers to build the kiosk. A brand logo can attach to the middle area so that clients can notice and remember your business.

 jewelry boothRoof

There is a unique roof on the top, that high level the jewelry kiosk. It has the logo on the top all around and people can see it in all directions. We can also add frame decoration to increase the design and high-end sense of the jewelry stand.


We can use MDF to build the jewelry booth, and the surface is a high glossy baking paint effect. Tempered glass showcase to showcase the products well. Golden metal wheels are mainly for decoration. The bottom universal wheel realizes the mobile function.

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