New idea 220 cm ×220 cm SIM card kiosk cell phone card booth for sale

Hello friends, thank you for visiting our website. Maybe you are looking for a unique designed SIM card kiosk to fit for your business. Here we have a unique designed cell phone booth stand for your reference. If you like this design, we can make a similar one with your own requirements. Let’s view more together.

3D design photos show

The whole kiosk includes display area, advertise place, reception counter and storage cabinet. We can see in the design there is a large brand logo in the front counter with light strip. And the left side has a display showcase with aluminum trough plate. On the back side are display showcases on the counter and there are bid advertise on the back wall. The right side is for cash register with a big light brand logo in the counter. We can also put a light logo under the top ceiling, so that people can find us well.

SIM card kiosk

SIM carts

Material show:

  1. Basic material: MDF or plywood
  2. Surface: Baking paint
  3. Other materials: Light strip, hollow illuminate acrylic logo, light box paint, stainless steel, tempered glass, etc.
  4. Size: 220 cm × 220 cm or the dimensions you require.
  5. Color: White with red. If you like other colors, please tell us, we can change the color to your favorites.
  6. Style: Modern and Unique

We will choose the suitable material to production the SIM card kiosk for you. If you want special materials, please tell us in advance.

Usually, we will draw a new 3D design to show the real effort of the kiosk. So when people view somewhere not good enough, we can modify in time. And production according to the confirmed design details to make sure that our customers receive the right kiosk they want. Therefore, whenever you want a special store furniture, please contact us soon. Thank you for reading

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