In today’s society, men and women are very concerned about their appearance and like to buy various skincare products to maintain their skin. Now is also the best time to get ready to start the skincare store fixture. How to open a skincare store? And how to choose a suitable skincare store fixture? These are the main questions that many entrepreneurs need to consider. Now let us know how to start a cosmetics business.

Steps on starting skincare store fixture

1. Choose a brand

Choosing a brand is one of the necessary preparations for opening a skincare store. To determine which product to use, you need to know the market situation of the product and some information about the product. Only by fully understanding the market and fully understanding the skincare products you manage can a store succeed.

2. Determine the business model

After determining the brand to be operated, it is necessary to determine the business model. Is it to take a differentiated route to manage only one product, or to take multiple comprehensive development routes to comprehensively manage various products. This will determine your customer type and profit.

3. Store location

To open a skincare store, you must do a good job of choosing a location. First, explain who are the main consumers of your skincare store and whether the skincare products you manage are high or low, and then choose the location in a targeted manner. A good location is crucial to how to open a skincare store.

4. Shop decoration

The style of decoration needs to be decided by yourself and try to make it bright, well-lit, and neat. When shop decoration incorporates your own ideas and can be accepted by target customers, then they are more willing to buy from you.

Real picture for your reference

Pictures can always show more information than words. Because you can see the details clearly and make full use of the space. If you have new ideas and want to change somewhere, it also easy to modify in the design drawing.

skin care fixture skin care cabinet skin care shelves

Introduction of skincare store furniture

As enter into the store, we can see the reception counter and brand logo wall facing to the public. So people can remember your brand name and signage better. It’s a very good idea to present your company culture. Back wall shelves and cabinets are very important in a skincare store. Wall shelf helps you arrange and display items in order without wasting space. As it can show products on top shelves and storage items on the bottom. Centre display counter is where we can’t ignore. They not only make it easy for customers to choose products but also make the store look more fulfilling and attractive. Even a display table can also make sense. You should also set up a help desk here, I believe people will like your warm service. Will also give you a good return.

You must care about what materials to build skincare shelves. Don’t worry, we will choose a suitable material to match your shop theme. Whatever you like classic decoration or modern style, we can help you make it. What you need is to confirm the design drawing. Here are the material details for your reference.

  • Basic material: Plywood
  • Surface material: solid wood and golden metal surface
  • Kicking: Stainless steel
  • Logo: 3D luminous logo
  • Other materials: Light strip, lightbox painting, locks and hardware, etc.

I hope this skincare store design will help you better. If you have any new ideas, our designer can help you make a 3D design to show them. Please feel free to contact us whenever you want to view newly shop designs. We will give you response as soon as possible. You can also email directly to us. Thank you for your time.

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