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Hello, friend. Welcome to visiting our website. Glad to know that you are interested in the clothing store display. It’s a good time to open a clothing store and earn money. As the saying goes: “People depend on clothes, horses depend on saddles”. Beautiful clothes to make us pretty and confident. Especially for women, they buy clothing not only for themselves but also for the husband, children, parents. Therefore, you can rent a shop where women usually like to go to. Today, Let’s see how this clothing store decoration helps you succeed.

Let’s See This Modern Clothing Shop


The main color of this clothing shop is classic black and white. From the overall layout, it looks very stylish and simple. First of all, we see a 3D light logo on the door. The white luminous logo matched with the black background is very eye-catching. Then when we walk into the store, we will find some clothing display racks against the wall. These display racks can display clothes at the above and shoes on the bottom. This is very practical. And we can clearly see the big black 3D logo on the display racks.

Moreover, the clothing shop has clothing display racks with base, clothing models, and two different shirt display cabinets in the middle. Do you like the black counter table with golden finish legs? This is waiting for the area, accompany people can sit down here for a rest and even drink a cup of tea or coffee. This will be able to win the goodwill of your customers, and they are also willing to introduce you to their friends.

Decoration ideas:

Clothing stores usually have models showing clothes and pants. So the consumer can and view the effort before try it on. As for me, I am usually attracted to beautiful clothes and go into the store to buy. In other words, our store decoration needs to be novel and in line with the aesthetics of customers. And the clothing displayed in the window needs to be changed frequently so that customers will always be attracted by you.

  • Please don’t forget to place the center display counter. You can place hot sale T-shirts and blouses, so people can buy them easily at the first sight.
  • Display racks help you place the clothing in order. Sales staff can accurately categorize clothing, and customers can easily select them. This is a popular display design nowadays.
  • The most important thing is the light strip decoration. A suitable light strip can not only make your shop looks better but also showcase the goods in a unique way.

3D design pictures show:

It’s necessary to make a 3D design to show the kiosk decoration. Because the 3D design can show the real effort of your clothing shop display. And you can even make small changes to see different shop decoration and then choose one from them. The design drawing needs about 5 days, depending on the shop size and shop counter numbers. Please leave enough time to adjust to the final design.

clothing store

clothing shop clothing display

Material show:

The display rack is mainly made of stainless steel and painted with black paint to present a serious business style. White and black center counter use MDF as the basic material. The brand logo can use different styles, like the acrylic hollow logo, 3D luminous logo, metal logo, etc. Will help you choose a suitable logo according to the clothing shop furniture design. Other materials including spotlight, light strip, and hardware.

If you want to add locked drawers, wall shelves, and clothing display cabinets, please feel free to tell us. Our designer team can help you make it. They are professional and full of experience. Whenever you have needs, our sales team will also help you as soon as they can. You are welcome to inquiry.

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