Natural Wood Watch Kiosk Watch Display Counter for Sale

watch kiosk Are you looking for a unique watches kiosk for business? Time is precious to everyone, and a watch can remind us of time, allowing us to make the most of every minute to do meaningful things. By choosing an attractive watch kiosk, you will gain more clients and earn more money. Today, I want to share a nice wooden decoration watch kiosk with you.

Description of watch kiosk

This watch kiosk is very unique because of its wooden counter with irregular styles. It doesn’t have glass showcases but can show each item in a good way. Besides, the brand imagines wall is also different from normal kiosks, that i’s eye-catching and makes your brand stand out for your customers to remember.

watch cabinetDisplay Counter

Type one

We can see in the design, there are display counters in the position of the diagonal. Each counter has different sizes and levels, the middle counter is the tallest with signage at the surface.

Type two

The front area has a large display counter, it looks like the cabinet looks like a combination of cube-shaped boxes. The surface of each box is decorated with irregular lines. You can store watches here. On the top has watches cases of different heights, convenient for clients to purchase goods.

watch showcaseReception counter & brand wall

The reception counter area has a cashier counter and brand imagine wall. We can see the desk also has streamlined decorate the body, Screen on the top facing to the clients, so customers can confirm order and pay bills. Behind it is a brand imagine a wall with a brand sign. The brand envisions the walls and counters having the same design, matching the theme of the entire watch store.


Wood floor is very popular for most mall kiosks. Because the floor can protect the mall floor and makes people know your shop area. We can use the same wood color as cabinets. If you need watch kiosks, please feel free to contact us.

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