Multifunction fast food kiosk with juice bar for sale

Nowaways, More and more young people prefer fast food  service. It allows us to experience and enjoy different foods and services in a very short time. so, start a fast food business in store or shopping center is very necessary.

Here the one i wanna share is a very popular multifunction food kiosk in mall. it’s very fashional and exquisite. let’s see more details here.

Detail Introduction of this fast food kiosk.

  • Size:4000x3000mm.
  • Material: plywood, laminate, tile, corian, stainless steel.
  • Service: coffee, snack, bakery, waffle, juice, milk tea.
  • Accessories: light box, acrylic logo.
  • Usage: shopping mall.
  • Production: 22-25 work days.

fast food kiosk fast food kiosk

From the 3d design images, we can see that the whole cabinet is a very simple square. the mainly tone is white, match some brown wood grain, tile and gray laminate. the front part mainly for product display and order. there have a small display fridge for bread. in the middle is a small cashier counter. at the left is two waffle machine.

You will notice there  also have some “U” shape strip. the surface is corian. looks very nice and high-end.


The back side mainly for  product Preparation area, the bottom is some wooden cabinet for storage, the countertop is some coffee machinem , juice machine.  also have a area for fruit display.

fast food kiosk

What i need to notice to build a fast food kiosk like this?

  • located choose.( The transportation is convenient and the flow of people is sufficient.)
  • Kiosk style . ( a special kiosk looks  can help you Attract more customers’ attention. in order to make it fit the space. it’s better to make customize.)
  • Material ( almost people will choose kiosk surface baking painting finished. or match some wood grian, tile and acrylic. it can customize based on your like and the mall requirement.)
  • Light decoration:  add some led light strip, ceiling lamp and light box on the kiosk is very necessary. it can make the whole kiosk more attractive.
  • Layout: front part for display and order. back side mainly for foods making and storage.

Thanks for your time and reading. hope this article is helpful for your business. if you’re interested to build a fast food kiosk like this one. pls feel free to contact us here, thank you!

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