Hello everyone! Welcome to our company website. Today I want to introduce a new style food kiosk. My customer found our company on this website and then he contacted me for his requirements. A few months ago he paid the design deposit and then we started the 3d design for this food kiosk design. What does him sell? Let me explain to you-

Protein powder, generally using purified soy protein, casein, whey protein (lack of isoleucine), pea protein and other proteins, or a protein-rich powder prepared by the combined processing of the above proteins, the purpose of which is Protein supplementation for people who lack protein can also be used as a functional additive in food industry production. For healthy people, this lack of protein generally does not occur. Milk, eggs, meat, soybeans, wheat and corn contain a full range of essential amino acids, sufficient quantities, and appropriate proportions. Moreover, the psychological enjoyment and sensory stimulation brought by food is not a substitute for protein powder. Excessive protein intake is not only a waste, but also harmful to human health.

It is a new idea to use the kiosk to sell this kind of food. My customer used the protein power kiosk in his own gymnasium. Let me show you what his design like:

3d design for the protein powder kiosk:

food kiosk for sale

food kiosk for sale

food kiosk for sale

food kiosk for sale

Very good design shared with you. What is the material did we used?

Basic material: plywood ( very strong and waterproof ).

Surface finishing: laminate ( usually use for food kiosk ).

How to start the 3d design?

Pay 300$ design deposit and tell us your requirements.

We will send the 3d design draiwng to you within two or three working days.

After the customer confirm the 3d design we will move forward to the construction drawing.

50% deposit before the production, 50% balance before the shipping.

After-sales service, contact us 24 hours!!!


Contact person: Amy Chen


Whatsapp: 0086 18823466142


Please feel free to contact us at anytime!!! Welcome to inquiry.




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