10 x 12ft Protein Powder kiosk to UK food kiosk for sale

Hello everyone! Welcome to our company website. Today I want to introduce a new style food kiosk-Protein powder kiosk. My customer found our company on this website and then he contacted me for his requirements. A few months ago he paid the design deposit and then we started the 3d design for this food kiosk design. What does him sell? Let me explain to you.

Protein powders usually use purified soy protein, casein, whey protein (lack of isoleucine), pea protein and other proteins. Or the protein-rich powder made by the above-mentioned combined processing of protein, with the purpose of supplementing people who lack protein in protein, can also be used as a functional additive in food industry production.

It is a new idea to use the kiosk to sell this kind of food. My customer used the protein power kiosk in his own gymnasium. Let’s learn more about this protein powder kiosk.

Color decoration of Protein powder kiosk

This protein powder kiosk covers an area of 4m by 3m location, highly matches the rent space. It has a mixture color of dark red, dark blue and white. They all add fun to the showcase in their respective areas, and at the same time give people a bright feeling.

Layout introduction:


The front side has curved service counter in the middle, people can order and pay bills here. Next to it is a counter display machine, you can show cakes and other food here. So people can buy them freely. The corner is the machine place, which is good to use and don’t effect display showcase. Front side is light box posters and brand name for advertising.

Left side

The side is a long counter top for both working and display more items. There is a high wall to separate the working table from public, so people can’t view from outside. While the bottom is full of locked cabinets and drawers. You can restore more products here, you can replenish goods at any time.

Back side

Back side is a high display stand with both counter and glass display shelves. It can showcase items better as every shelves has bright light. A large luminous logo on the top, clients can recognize you when going by. Entrance door also set here facing to the checkout counter. Next to it is a standing beverage fridge, people can purchase all kinds of drinks here directly. Outside wall is a good place for light posters, what do you think?

Right side

On the far right side of the cabinet is a rectangular counter with multiple edges and corners. The middle surface of the cabinet is empty, you can place the light strip here. Through the decoration of lights, red is more conspicuous. Do However, you can place some chairs here, so clients can sit down for a while. When clients view you as a good friend, they will introduce you to their friends. 

What is the material did we used?

Basic material: plywood ( very strong and waterproof ).

Surface finishing: laminate ( usually use for food kiosk ).

Counter top material: White stone or black stone ( Usually use marble stone or man made stone )

Glass: 8mm tempered glass

Light: Spot light and light lamp ( Depends on what effect you want )

How to start the 3d design?

Pay 300$ design deposit and tell us your requirements.

We will send the 3d design drawing to you within two or three working days.

After the customer confirm the 3d design we will move forward to the construction drawing.

50% deposit before the production, 50% balance before the shipping.

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