Multi-functional jewellery display cabinet to share with you

Hi every body, nice to meet you here. I gusess you need a jewellery display cabinet for your business. Today I want to share a multi-fuctional glass display kiosk with you. Because, it also can display phones, watches, souvenirs, nail polish, etc. It’s looks very beautiful and very popular abroad.

The basic tone is black with pink light around the glass cabinet. This jewellry display cabinet measures 5m length by 4m width. Following the mall requirements, the height should be no more than 1.2m.In order to avoid the sharp edges and corners of the glass, the hexagonal design is used in the corner showcase. This also makes the showcase more beautiful and unique. Besides, the jewellery display cabinet include different levels of multi-layer design. The cashier is in the middle, you can put the logo and some hot selling products on the high stand.

jewellery display cabinet

Show the layout and looks of the jewelry kiosk for you

The basic material include MDF with black baking paint and tempered glass with pink led light strip. All glass display showcase should be with light. And the jewllery display cabinets has acrylic illuminate logo. The galss door and cabinet door should be locked all the time, so that no one should take it away without permission. And the kicking also with white light. Do you like the multi-fuction jewellery display showcase?

If you want to get a customized multi-function kiosk. For saving your time and energy, please choose a supplier who can do both design and production for you.

As a factory, we can production the kiosk according to the size, color, style you want. We have an professional design team to do this job for you. You can also add your own idea to the jewellery kiosk, and the production will follow the design you want, so that you can get the kiosk as you want. If you don’t have a clear mind about the design, please let us know. Our excellent designer will give your some suggestions to make it more suits for your business.

I am glad that you should learn something from our website. If you need further information, please leave us a message. We are online and ready to help. Thank you for your time.

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