Hello good evening everyone! I want to share a Mall jewelry kiosk design 12 x 12 ft mall kiosk manufacturers in USA. It is very good quality and beautiful looking. We have shipped the mall jewelry kiosk to Denver, USA last month. The size is 12 x 12 ft, material we use MDF with baking paint.

What is the reason you should open a jewelry kiosk in the mall?

Previous sales of jewelry were implemented in the following two scenarios:

The first scene – emotional expression, such as birthday, child birth, etc.

The second scene – marriage proposal. If you only ask for marriage, you will want to buy diamonds, so diamonds are very big consumption in China.

Nowadays, the consumption of jewellery is more for girls to match their clothes to reflect their personal style. Especially after entering the workplace, she feels that it is very necessary to wear certain jewellery to enhance her personal temperament in addition to clothing.

Jewelry and clothes are not the same. In addition to the material itself is valuable, a large part of the value comes from self-expression. For example, many young people, they are happy, lost love will go to buy jewelry, and then give it to themselves. In addition to self-expression, they also need more interesting things in it, and the way to buy is not the same, not to go to the store, may go to the bookstore, coffee shop, or you may see a video, you will buy One thing. So now you will see that many big brands are starting to work with young stars, and telling the truth is very good, such as the cooperation between Bulgari and Wu Yifan, Cartier and Luhan. The heavy consumers of jewellery have transitioned from a previous generation to a younger group.

So open a jewelry kiosk is very good for your business. I think not bad.

Let me show you the 3d design of the jewelry mall kiosk:

The production picture of the Mall jewelry kiosk design 12 x 12 ft mall kiosk manufacturers in USA:


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