Advantages of a mall kiosk

The shopping mall jewelry kiosk is a very eye-catching presence. We all know that shopping malls are very luxurious places, and the rules and regulations inside are also very strict. Most of the things sold in it are brand-name products. Therefore, we will feel more at ease when buying things inside. Then the exposure of our products is very large. We all know that the most important thing in doing business is exposure. As long as our products are seen, the chances of selling them increase. In addition to the amount of exposure, the surrounding environment is also very important. We do not have to bear the scorching sun and heavy rain, and customers prefer to stay indoors. All these conditions are met by the mall.

Mall Jewelry Kiosk

Since the shopping mall is very popular, the jewelry kiosk is one of the essential kiosks inside. In fact, customers are more willing to buy jewelry in shopping malls than in stores. Because most of the jewelry inside is an extension of well-known brands. The kiosk I want to introduce today is shipped to Denver, USA. This style is very welcome.

Its size is 12x12ft. It is made of MDF and baking paint. We can see that its corner glass is curved, and this glass display process is very complicated. But its display effect is very good and safety is high. Her size is relatively large, so we can make a display on all four sides, and the middle counter can be used as a cash register. The tall pillar logo can be used as a decoration for our kiosk, or put a poster of our product or an advertising player to play our product. In this way, customers will have a better understanding of our products. There are light strips installed on the top of each floor of our display cabinets, which can provide us with enough light. This is very good for customer experience and browsing.

Let’s look at the design from different angles

Different angles allow us to see the structure and display of this kiosk more comprehensively. We can see that at the bottom of the front display, there is a row of words, which is also the customer’s logo. The logo is very important to the development of our brand. Attaching a logo will make our kiosk look more professional.


Construction Details

After we confirm the design, we will start preparing for production. We have our own factory, and all kiosks are handmade by our employees. Every detail is very rigorous and serious. In terms of quality, we all have strict control. What we provide is a complete kiosk. What you finally get is definitely the same as the design drawing we finally confirmed. We will install light strips, sockets, electricity,  logos, lightboxes, etc. If you need an advertising player, we will also purchase and install it. The doors of all our display cabinets are sliding, we will install locks, and you can close them at night.  The colors of our kiosk are light gray and white. If you need to change the color, you can tell us. Our kiosk supports customization. Whether it is size, shape, or color, as long as you tell it, we can do it. So you don’t have to worry about any problems.

Mall Jewelry Kiosk Assemble

From our design drawings and production drawings, we can see that our kiosk is made up of independent display cabinets. Its composition is very simple. When you receive the goods, you only need to connect the male and female plugs at the bottom of the adjacent cabinets together. There will be the main switch and the main wire in our cash register cabinet. You need to connect the main wire to the power supply of your store and turn on the kiosk main switch. It will work. Therefore, the assembly is very simple.

Customer Feedback Diagram

This is the kiosk after our customer has received the goods and assembled them. It is exactly the same as the one just made, because we installed the transformer and American socket on the kiosk, so our customers can use it normally.

How can I get the custom jewelry kiosk?

If you want to custom your own kiosk, first, you need to tell me what size you need. And if you have your favorite jewelry kiosk picture, you can send me. Our designer team can help us to design the jewelry kiosk according to all your requirements. You can get the kiosk to your satisfaction here. If we want to use the kiosk in the mall, then we must submit our kiosk to the mall for review. We can help you get approval from the mall.

Design fee & time: 300USD. About 2-3 working days when we receiving the design fee.

Production time: About 28 working days when we confirm the design and construction drawings.

Our design fee includes 3D design and construction drawings. When we place an order, the design fee will be returned to you.


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