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According to the current employment situation, more and more people choose to start a business. And when choosing to start a business, the first reaction in my head is to choose to open a retail food restaurant. Why there are more and more people choose the catering industry? First of all, there is a saying that people take food as the sky and open a catering store, you will never worry that there is no business to do, because people can’t skip meals,so the risk of entrepreneurship is greatly reduced. Second, the controllability of costs has given many investors room to develop.In fact do a meal the cost is low,but when sale the price will be at least 2-3 times high.So the profit is really good.

Today i want to share you a nice retail food restaurant we just designed:

you can see this shop,it mainly used nature wood color match lemon green and orange color the theme looks very high-end also very modern.This shop mainly sell fast food,like pizza, Burger and fried chicken,and also some metals.This shop not like normal restaurant all very dark and formal color, when you enter this shop will feel very comfortable.

Some detailed info for your ref

1.size:10m by 6m for whole shop
2.color:orange,green,white,wood color
3.materials used:plywood with solid wood,baking paint,laminate,stone countertop
4.production time:20-22 work days

do you like this ice cream shop?if you also want to customize your ice cream,we can help!shenzhen unique display limited is a company specialize in making customized mall kiosks and shop furnitures 10 years,we have very professional deisgn team, can help create the shop design and furniture for you.

Feel free to contact us for more details:

Contact:Jessy Duan
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