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hello everyone, today we are going to introduce how to design a fashion cafe bar. Someone loves the taste of coffee. Someone loves the atmosphere of coffee.Someone like the mellow taste of coffee, Or someone like a relaxing coffee time. And From a  cup of coffee, you can drink different levels of sweet and bitter taste. Design a cafe bar is not hard as we image, On the contrary it more easy than we  image. We need to pay the attention the following advices then we can running a cafe bar successfully.


Suggestions for running a coffee bar

Firstly, we  built a store in a place that can fully attract many customers,such as commercial plaza  or  around the city bus station.And  we need to investigate how many cafe store around us before opening it. If there are many competitors around then we don’t not suggest to build it here.   Secondly, The coffee shop itself speaks more about humanities, artistic sentiment and feelings, so it must be nice in the name of the shop. The name of the coffee shop can stimulate the auditory organs of consumers to leave an impression and produce associations and feelings. Therefore, the name of a good coffee shop affects the customer’s feelings and business flow, which makes people fall in love with this cafe bar. Therefore, the shop owner must give his shop a good name. A good coffee shop name can make you remember the shop easily, and it is also convenient for you to find your shop when dating or visiting parties.   Thirdly, coffee shop interior design. the coffee store decoration style must has its own theme. With certain characteristics as the theme, the coffee shop decoration design around this theme, most guests will feel the special atmosphere at the first time.  

here is the cafe bar we design

  • Size: 80 square meter or the size you want
  • Material: plywood
  • Surface: laminate, artifial stone as a counter
  • Color: black, white color
  • Style: classical design
  • Hardware: stainless steel handle
  • Others: Acrylic logo, light box, light.

cafe bar cafe bar  

Contact Information

Contact person: Eva

WhatsApp:+86 13410688780


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