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When it comes to cosmetics, the first thing we think of is cosmetics on the face. In fact, in addition to the face, the body and hair need care products. Because the skin of the body also has wrinkles and other problems like the face, it also needs maintenance. The importance of hair to women is self-evident, and having a hair will make you look more beautiful.

Of course, hair needs maintenance. So more and more skin care products are opened, they will sell a variety of skin care products for the face, body and hair. The body care display cabinet plays an important role in display.

Today I wan to share you a nice skincare shop design:

See this skincare shop, it mainly used bright orange color match white, add some black, so whole shop theme looks very nice.This is a very multifunctional shop you see, it can sell different kinds of body care products,also sell hair care products,cosmetics and pharmacy. The shop middle have some display stands for display cosmetics.around the wall all are body care product display cabinet and hair care display shelves.

The shop cash counter design also very attractive.Black wood strips added led lights, looks very special.Back the cash counter is pharmacy display cabinet.So enter this shop you can find the skincare products,cosmetics,pharmacy etc. Let’s pay attention to the lighting on the ceiling.This is a round shape and the light color is beige.We designed it according to the client’s requirements. It’s look great, right?We can also create new lighting designs for your shop, it depending on your needs.

Some detailed info for this skincare shop

1.Size:60 sq meters or customized as your size

2.Color:orange,black,white.Can change any color for you

3.MDF with orange,black and white baking paint finish,tempered glass

4.Accessories:white led light,acrylic logo letters,led signs

5.Production time:20-22 work days

6.Usage:skincare display,cosmetic display,pharmacy display

Our company service


Our company was established in 2006. Unique displays have always been the main skincare shop furniture manufacturer. Our market is all over the country, we have shipped to furnitures to different countries. And the customers are very satisfied with our products and services. We have more than 10 years of experience in kiosk production. And we have collaborations with many brands, such as Cartier, Dior, Adore, Joya and Diseno. etc.



Our company has a professional design team and rich experience in design.When it is necessary to create a new skincare shop design, we are more than four designers to discuss and make together until the design is completed. We attach great importance to your design, designers will make it according to your requirements and size, and can allow modify during the design period.


We have our own factory and skilled workers.Our workers will exactly follow the 3D design and construction drawing production, and we have strict factory management, will not miss the production steps.In addition, we can also track the order for you. During the production, we can send you the production pictures and videos,to let you know our production process. And let you know that we are a reliable manufacturer and responsible for your products.

Do you also want to customize your own skincare shop to start the business?we can help!we are a company specilaize in making customized mall kiosks and shop furnitures more than 12 years, we have our own design team and factory, just tell us your needs, we can help you create and build the shop for you!


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