Functional cosmetic display cabinet with shelves used in skincare shop

With the increasing demand for cosmetics, the demand for cosmetic functions is getting finer. The demand for product types is increasing, and the development of the cosmetics industry is becoming more refined and more diversified. According to relevant data, the growth rate of the global cosmetics market is stable, and the Asia-Pacific market has surpassed Western Europe and North America to become the world’s largest cosmetics consumer market. So more and more cosmetic and skincare shop opened every year. The main furniture in a cosmetic shop is coemtic display cabinet.

Here today I want to share you a nice cosmetic shop design:

This cosmetic shop is 5m by can see this shop totally white color add little black color. Whole shop theme is very simple but also looks very nice. Against wall putted all wall display cabinets, top comes with nice led signs and logos, customers can select the cosmetics they want. The back wall comes with some unique display shelves.before the wall display cabinets are a long counter with showcase.

The basic info for you to know this shop better

1.Size:5m by 8m

2.Color:black and white

3.Materials:mdf with white and glossy baking paint finish

4.Accessories:led light,led signs,acrylic logos

5.Production time:20-22 work days

6.Style:modern and functional style

For start a cosmetic shop business you can follow belowing:

Fristly,you need speak with landlord about the place,give rough idea to us.

Second,lanlord will ask you supply professional 3D design plan with spec for approval.

At this time, lanlord will give criteria or guideline,you need follow lanlord needs and standard to make design. We have professional designer,we can make design for you.You can see you need what kind style, what color, how to layout etc. After mall see design,if all ok,then can go next step;if some places not satisfied,mall will give comments,then we will modify for you.

Thrid,send lanlord detail tech drawing to approval,then if ok,sign the lease.

Fourth,you make 50% deposit,we arrange production for the cosmetic shop!

Design process

We are mainly doing customization and everyone has different ideas, so we do not have the same design, different sizes and different layouts, so we recommend making a new 3D design first based on your requirements. Our design time is 3-4 working days, which allows modification to ensure that our design can meet your requirements. The 3D design includes furniture size and quantity, lighting, logo and some decoration, you can see the whole effect and check all the details. After you check the final design,we move to the production step.

If you plan to open a cosmetic shop and want more details, just feel free to contact us!






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