Modern style steak kiosk shopping mall special food stall

Unlike us in China, many foreigners like to eat western food. So their staple food is mainly meat, something like steak, pork chop, chicken and so on. Today we want to share a special food booth with you. This food kiosk is for sell steak, if you also want to make a kiosk like this, hope it can give you some ideas.


This is a modern style food kiosk with marble gray, dark gray match black metal.  Although the color is not too outstanding actually those colors match well. It can let a simple food kiosk look comfortable and the environment can bring more customers. Now let me introduce the layout of this steak kiosk to you.

The size of this steak kiosk is about 4 x 3 m. You can decide what size you want or according to your location. It has a cashier area, the size about 1000 x 600 x 900 mm of this area. The customer can check the menu and order here.

Also, it has a glass cover for display steak. This area can let the customer choose the steak. And other area includes the sink area, food preparation area and pick up area. Next to this steak kiosk is a waiting area. The waiting area has a long table and a bar counter. So that the customer can sit and wait for their delicious.



Actually, no matter what food you want to sell, we all can customize a perfect food kiosk for you. You just need to send us the size of your location, your logo and the main color you want. Our design team will make a new food kiosk according to this information. After you check the first version, we can discuss and see if anything needs to change. For a customized 3D food kiosk design charge a 300$ design deposit.

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