Solid Wood Restaurant Booth Fast food Kiosk Design

food kioskFast food kiosk is good to sell drinks, crepe, fast food, and drinks. People can buy food on the way to work or shopping. Today, I want to share a nice solid wood restaurant booth with you.

Solid wood restaurant booth design

This food restaurant booth includes solid bar decorations outside. Looks vivid and high-level your shop theme. The fast-food kiosk size is 3m by 2m, a very standard size for outdoor locations. And it’s good to transport to other places. You can also use it in the shopping center or food court.

fast food kioskSales window

The sales window is set at 4 sides, clients can see you from different directions. People will also pay bills and pick up food here.

Display counter

The display counter has a black stone counter desk, looks high-end and luxurious. Workers prepare food here and show our products directly. Under the display counter are storage cabinets and drawers, you can store more things here.

shopping centerLightbox painting

There is a lightbox logo on 4 columns, each column has two lightbox paintings. You can show delicious food here and can also put up menus directly.

Brand name

We use a 3D acrylic logo with lighting. The logo attaches to the top ceiling and display counter. So that clients can notice it at the first eyesight. When your kiosk is used outdoors, the brightness logo can also attract clients at night.


This fast-food kiosk has many lighting. We can see inside the kiosk, there is multiple lighting at the top ceiling. They match the solid wood bar decoration and increase a warm atmosphere for the clients. We can also customize the food kiosk as you want.

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