Modern style sports shoes store wooden display shelf cheap price

Sports shoes are popular with consumers for their comfort. But at the same time, the competition for sports shoe stores is also very fierce. In order to stand out from the competition, how to design the display of the sports shoe store is better? 

This is a modern style sports shoes store wooden display shelf with cheap price design. Let us check the 3d design of this sports shoe shop first.



This is a store for selling the sports shoe and socks. It has the display stand in the middle of the shoe shop with the wooden display shelf. On the wall of the shoe store has the logo write the name of the products. In order to let the customer can find the products they want easily and quickly.


The material of this shoe display stand we can use plywood with laminate. On the bottom of the stainless steel toe kick we can add the led strip light then the shop look more attractive. The frame we will use metal material and can paint it with any colors you want.


We can make a new customize shoe store design for you. Please send us the shop size or the floor plan of your shoe shop. Our design team can make a customize store design for you. You can see the whole shop effect on the 3d design. Then we can discuss with the 3d shoe shop design and make some changes if you want.

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