Creative Sports Shoes Store Decoration Display Showcase for Sale

shoe shop furnitureDo you plan to open a shoe shop to start a business? With the fast lifestyle, people focus more on their health. They try hard to exercise to get a strong body. It’s a good idea to open a sports shoe shop to earn money. Here is a creative sports store design sharing with you.

Description of sports shop design

This sports store is good to sell sportswear and sports shoes. As we can see in the design, there are display counters in the middle area, clients can purchase sportswear directly. It’s a good idea to set mannequins to show items directly to the clients.

shoe store displayRoom divider wall

Room divider walls are usually used in large shops. It can divide the store into different product display areas. You can even introduce unique decorating styles to guide customers to buy. For this sports shoe store, the room divider is used as wall cabinets that can show shoes for sale. You can also add posters and business logos to remind poeple. Mirrors are set to the wall, allowing customers to see the overall effect of the outfit.

Floating display

Floating display shelving is important in a sports shoe shop. Because you can show shoes and clothes on differnet levels, that attracts eyes’ attention

shoe shop cabinet

Cashier counter

Cashier counter view as a reception desk. Clients pay bills here and get whatever information they want. The salesperson can also provide help and service.

Lighting decoration

Like most clothing stores, lighting decoration is very important for sports shoe shops. You can use brilliant ceiling light and sports light to make your shop bright. Besides, you can also use spotlights with rails to main show the products. If you don’t have a clear mind yet, doing a 3D max design is a good option. Because it can show the whole shop decoration directly, you can adjust it anywhere to get a better effect.

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