Modern style cosmetics store display showcase wall display cabinet

Cosmetics are loved and necessary by every modern woman.  In order to stand out in the competitive cosmetics stores. Successful renovation is very important. When entering a cosmetic shop, the first thing that hits customers’ eyes is the display case of the cosmetic shop.  

The authenticity of cosmetics showcase design must be based on the principle of seeking truth from facts, real and appropriate to show the characteristics of goods, specifications, quality, performance and use of maintenance knowledge.


This kind of cosmetic display showcase can use in the cosmetic shop. The design is black color and with a white color display shelf. On the top, we can add your logo and the spotlights. On each display shelf, we can add the led strip light then it can light up the products.

Meanwhile, on the bottom of the cosmetic display showcase is the storage cabinet. You can put some inventory here.

1. Display function  

This is the basic function of the cosmetics display case.  As a display product, it should be able to display goods first. Show the elegant demeanor of goods in front of consumers, so that consumers have intuitive knowledge and understanding of goods. Through the role of cosmetics showcase, the display of goods will appear in good order, strewn at random, giving consumers a visual enjoyment.  

2. stimulate the purchase function  

When you display a product in a cosmetic display case, it can create a huge magnetic force on the consumer.  In cosmetics display cases we need to put the lighting, mirrors and other auxiliary facilities. Then it can used to enhance the charm of goods. So that goods appear shiny under their role. Diamonds, for example, shine only when they are exposed to sunlight, thus stimulating consumers to buy.  

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