Hot sale skin care product display showcase cosmetic shop wall cabinet

The market competition of the cosmetics industry is becoming more and more fierce. In addition to quality, price and service, a cosmetic display cabinet that can meet the brand image positioning and product characteristics is also very important for the success of the business.  

If you are looking for a cosmetic wall display cabinet for your shop, you can check the below design for reference. Now let me introduce its features to you.


Why do cosmetic display cases need customization? Because the standard of each customer’s requirement is different. According to the goods is different, some beauty products. Also show some cosmetic products, some eye shadow labial makeup classes. According to show some beauty makeup products, need shelves are also different.

Under the condition of different display a very complete classification. A customized cosmetics display case is based on the characteristics of customer products. Effectively meet various needs. For example, this skin care product wall cabinet can good classification of various skin care products. On the top of the wall cabinet named the brand of the products. Then it is convenient for the customer to choose goods easily.



We are a customize commercial furniture factory. So whatever the display showcase you want, we can make it to fit your need.

The size, the color, the style of the cosmetic store wall cabinet we can customize as your requirement.

You can let us your idea then we will make it on 3d and send the design to you. We can also offer a whole cosmetic shop design for you.

A professional design service will charge a 300USD design deposit. Meanwhile, if a whole shop design will more. Please feel free to contact us for more details!

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